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Welcome Sisters!

I’m Mikalena and I’m here to help you remember who you are. My gift to you is is a sacred space where I may teach you everything I have learned on my own journey into consciousness and connection with my higher self. Here it is safe to be authentic and own who you are. I will inspire you into a life that is sacred and beautiful, a life where you can embody your light and your darkness and be your most powerful self, a life where your gifts will rise from the shadow into the light so that you can experience freedom, truth and bliss. It’s time for you to experience the birth of a woman, the woman inside you that is waiting to rise into your light.


We begin with you, exactly as you are in this moment. There is no plan, we simply surrender and trust the process. We begin with your commitment and, everything will flow as you grow, as your journey unfolds and as you evolve through your journey. Where do you begin? at one of the starting points I have created for you.


Self Discovery Coaching
Begin the self discovery journey to identify your limiting beliefs, your fears and where you aren’t aligned with your heart and soul. We will start to release everything that’s holding you back from expressing your truth and living in infinite freedom.

I Want Freedom


Consciousness Mentoring
It’s time to awaken. To journey into the heart and soul to discover who you truly are. Begin the process of evolving of the soul and forgetting who you were taught to be. We will journey into the soul so that we can release the shadows that prevent you living your truth.

I Want Truth


I offer a range of training in self discovery, emotional intuition, wellness, wholeness and rising into the woman and goddess that you are. Go on a journey from shifting the limiting beliefs, to uncovering your essence to experiencing the pure bliss that is our birthright. Immerse yourself in Freedom, Truth & Bliss for your mind body and soul.

I Want Bliss

What’s it like working with Mikalena?

Hi Beautiful, thank you so much for being an amazing person. Ive already used the technique you taught me to release myself from feeling like shit. I believe in me and thats all that bloody matters!! I truly appreciated your session the other day and wow has is changed the way i feel. Im gonna rock this life! I feel good. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Jemma Wheatley

Thanks so much for creating such a safe and sacred environment. It was a great class which definitely allowed me to be in the moment, and really embrace my inner essence and be free to be me...the dance was amazing...definitely felt safe, honoured and intuitively driven to move.

- Sandra Hohloch

I'm a diamond in NSW who has been totally inspired by you and learnt lots from you on this oily journey. I met you in NZ on the boat over to the sheep shearing thing. Sat with you for about 20mins and in that time got all the info needed to change everything I did! Seriously sky rocketed by business.

- Rosie Nerney

Hey Mikalena, I've been going to a few trainings lately & I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Your trainings are by far the best (for me) and I've got SO much out of them. Especially your placements & basics trainings. I appreciate what you do, thank you! I would not be premier if it wasn't for your trainings.

- Mahu Hauraki

Hi Mikalena, your work is amazing!!!! love your stories and the healing energy you put in it....look forward to reading more of your awesomeness ...lv xx

- Nicoleta

Just want to say Thank You, thank you for all you share, thank you for the inspiration, the unbeknown to you shift you have amongst women like myself, who want to live an amazingly empowered life, and who work hard towards enriching the lives around us. You don't know me and I don't know you, but I appreciate your networking and your love.

- Ria XOX

I've only met you once at business training & heard you talk at the Home Holistic Masterclass the other week. Both times I've walked away inspired more than I thought possible! I'm very early on in my journey, but am so excited to have finally bitten the bullet & change the things I need to change to make myself and a lot of that has been because of you, so thankyou!

- Emma Smith