Who Am I?


I’m really only just beginning to not only realise, but celebrate that truth.

That’s because (until quite recently in my life) I suffered the discomfort of being unable to recognise and accept the wonderful and beautiful Self I am .    

What I’ve discovered as I peeled back the layers, released my attachments that kept me small, as I released my need to understand it all so I could just be…

Is that I’m a fascinating blend of contradictions;

A passionate warrior, and a hermit in search of solitude and peace.

A deep-thinking intellectual, and a mystic.

An outspoken crusader for empowerment and freedom, and a contemplative sage who yearns for peace, stillness and harmony.

A creative, and visionary leader.

A pioneering entrepreneur and a spiritual leader

When I stopped trying to define myself through just one aspect I created space to discover all of these amazing parts of one interconnected whole and I can now accept and appreciate all of me into the core of my heart.  

What all of these conflicting yet surprisingly coherent personas support in such a powerful way, is my life’s quest which to create a world of women who are so empowered, connected and free that we are able to live into the highest frequency of our human potential. My vision is that you and I become so powerful that we can draw down our soul’s potential and send that out into the world so that we can free every other woman we meet.

A world of sovereign women – can you see and feel that possibility? It takes my breath away.


Spiritual Mentor, Teacher & Guide

Peeling Back The Layers

Every step of my journey of transformation has taken me through revolutions of my own body, mind and soul.

Each experience I’ve had, every teaching, every realisation, every layer of awareness, every shift is at the core of my offerings.

All aspects of what I teach I have lived, breathed and integrated into my own life so not only do you get my teachings, wisdom and knowledge, you will receive a transmission of my own experience.

This is what I bring to the world.

I recognise the pain of living in disconnection, knowing you have lost pieces of yourself on your journey through life. I know what it’s like to feel out of alignment, lost and disconnected from your heart & soul, to feel locked out of your temple. I know what it’s like to exist in darkness but feel the calling into your core that it’s time to rise into the light.

I understand what it’s like to have awareness of your power but to live feeling the constant ache of separation from it, experiencing the unknowing of how to awaken those dormant forces and become the warrior you know you are. 

I recognise to the yearning for something more, something greater, something authentic. I know what it feels like to live in longing for the deep union with who you are, your unique gifts and the force of your passions, power and purpose.  The yearning to create big impact in this world, to create a revolution first within yourself, and then within the people of this world.

I can relate to the desire of wanting to bring into being everything you are on this earth to live, be and do -  to create, heal, transform and ignite. To shift consciousness, to guide others to wholeness, to be of service with the offering of all that you are.

This is me. I work with and through my wisdom and gifts to guide you through a journey from wounds to wisdom, fear to freedom, and suffering to strength.


A Journey To Freedom

Each individual came here with an intention to fulfil purpose of this incarnation and I know you feel it too.
Whether you are beginning at the layer of the mind, or the body, or the soul it’s time.
Whether your journey begins with the physical, the mental, the emotional, or the spiritual I can guide you.

Are you willing to discover your truth?

To explore truth through all layers of your being?

To stop surrendering your power and call it back into you? 

To stretch to your edges and beyond?

To ignite those dormant forces?

To become empowered in every layer of your being and every aspect of your life?

To rise into the highest potential of your humanness so that you can channel through the power of soul?

 Then it’s time.