7 Elements Of Self-Discovery

The challenges in the many layers our human experience can all lead to feeling lost and wondering how to find yourself again. We can spend many years in the pursuit of wholeness, of remembering our truth and discovering our light.

Here are 7 aspects to self discovery to help you find on that journey;

1. Turn Your Suffering Into Your Strength – Victim Or VICTOR?

We ALL have fears but what adds or subtracts from our life is about our mindset towards what is challenging to us.
Will you let yourself become a victim to your challenges?, Or use them to grow and develop and create a better life?
Turn your blocks and weaknesses into your superpowers by flipping your mindset and using them to become the hero of your life.
Think about this – Would you be the person you are today if your life had been flawless? Imagine if you had no blocks or challenges along your life?
Challenges are an opportunity to learn and the more you face the wiser you’ll become. How do you feel when you break through a barrier? Strong? Amazing? Yep! And you deserve to feel like that because it was a challenge and because with it you’ve gained A LOT.  

2. Turn The Negative Into Positive

So much of the time we are focusing on the negative and we are ignoring the change to develop our strengths. Imagine if instead of focusing on all of the bad things you are doing or thinking or saying you starting directing power into the positive? What if I said to you there WAS no negative because it always brings something positive?  

For example: if you know you are short tempered and fiery instead of focusing on the negative of that, see that it’s a trait that it has powerful strength and can be used in powerful creating. When you put positive energy into what you perceive as negative it can become something amazing.  

3. Shift The Energy

Often we can get caught in the contraction of not knowing what to do to move forward. We focus on the action and tear ourselves apart trying to figure life out, especially when we feel powerless over our circumstances.
What we do have power over is our energy state and we can do the work in our life around that. How can you bring a state of peace? Of Calm? Of Joy? Rather spend your energy trying to change the circumstances create small changes by working for energy states. That could be as simply as inhaling an essential oil, connecting with someone who inspires you, doing some art. Whatever it is that you to know to bring you closer to how you want to feel, do that.

4. Be Potent

Be unashamedly, undeniably, potently you.  

Never apologise for that. Never be ashamed of that. Never run from that. Stand in your power in who you truly are without fear and call that light down into yourself.

If anyone has a problem with that know that it’s not your story (because we’re letting go of that aren’t we), it’s their story and a reflection of how they feel about themselves. It has NOTHING to do with you when someone brings negativity to your space.  

5. Learn your triggers, fears and perceived limitations

This can be done with 3 different layers;

Awareness: This is about allowing yourself to become aware of where you’re at and owning what is stopping you. What are your fears and resistances? Accept them, own them and spend time with them. You can heal what you won’t accept.  

Energy: Pay attention to where you feel the energy of contraction and resistance. Where in the body do you feel that resistance? Where do you feel tight or blocked or cramped when you are facing this fear? That can be a place you can work energetically as you probably hold some fear in there. Send energy there, breathe into that area, explore the energy in that area.   

Detachment: Next it’s important to be ready to give it up. Accept that it doesn’t serve you anymore, acknowledge the change that will come from releasing that block and give yourself permission to let it go. If you are struggling to let it go allow yourself to explore what is holding you back from letting it go. There could be a sense of loss from losing something you have where you are right now, or fear about the responsibility at the next level of your soul journey, or a belief block.

Journaling is one of the best tools to self discovery and can amplify the effects of every practice you work with.

6. Work With Your Emotions

Emotions are beautiful and powerful experiences that are with us to create change in our life. Rather than bury our emotions, resist them, deny them and fear them we can start to learn from them so we can release the suffering and grow into our highest potential.

Spend time with your emotions and feelings; How do I FEEL? Why do I FEEL this way? Where have I FELT like this before? What is this emotion telling me? All emotions are here to teach us something and unless we explore that they will remain within us as unfinished business.

7. Go Into The Heart Of The Fear

This is where we start to dig deeper by confronting those aspects of us we’ve been trying to hide.
What is this fear? Where did that fear start? What belief is connected to that fear/block? How does that fear actually serve you right now? (that’s important because there blocks ARE serving you in some way), What will I gain/lose from releasing it? (this will give you insight to the level of resistance at releasing it), What would my life look like if I didn’t have that fear?  
Journalling around this may help; What do I fear? why do I fear it? and what can I do to change that? 

In Conclusion

Self-discovery can be a powerful and beautiful journey of peeling back the layers.
Don’t rush yourself, allow what you are ready for to come forth so that you work through releasing that fear, that suffering and become free.


Mikalena KnightComment