Awakening Your Creative Potential

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I’ve invested a lot of reflection and personal work into the concept of potential, not just in my own journey but what power and potential means for other women of this world.

What I have come to know (as I have walked through the darkness of my own fears and doubts as well as worked with thousands of women who are seeking wholeness) is that most women are able to sense dormant forces within us and we can perceive that there are dimensions within us ready to awaken.

I have seen and felt that within the heart of a seeker of truth there is almost always a powerful knowing of what we are truly capable of.  

Our intuition calls us to explore and ignite the highest powers of our human and soul potential, yet many of us don’t.


It can feel like we are fighting against a force of fear, doubt and unworthiness. It’s painful, debilitating and destructive.

Many women give up on their desires and dreams (long before they have ever consciously connected with them) feeling like it’s too hard, to frightening and much work, and they anchor themselves to a life with a permanent ache in their heart that constantly reminds them of what could be.

Yet many women are awakening. They are giving themselves permission to explore what is really possible, to open their heart and call in abundance, to rise up and claim what they dream of, desire and truly deserve and this is where our creative potential is ignited.

How can we break through those fears, doubts and unworthiness to draw down the full power of our spiritual force?


Many of us (through programming and indoctrination) associate sensuality exclusively with sexuality, yet believing that to be true is limiting the powers of presence and connection, along with our creative forces. 

What is sensuality truly?

It is our ability to live through our senses.

All of our senses – the five senses of (touch, taste, sight, smell and soul) as well as our sixth and even our seventh sense.

It is through our senses in which we develop intimate relationships with the world and with people, in which we are able to receive enrichment and pleasure, and in which we can be fully present with our human experience.
Our senses are also an important aspect of our healing path as seen in somatic experiencing, music and colour therapy and beyond.  
Yet for many of us we have disconnected from our senses.   

Every woman on this earth has at some point in their life received negative messaging around our sensuality (and also sexuality), and feminine experiences.

We are asked (or even forced) to stop receiving pleasure from touch, from taste, from sound and beyond so others could be comfortable, and so there may be layers of judgement, hesitation, resistance and even fear covered over what is a strong aspect of our femininity and creative power.

Sensuality is a power that we judge not just in ourselves, but also in other women who are embodying that quality. There is scorn for a confident sensual woman, especially when she is channeling that sensuality through her creativity.

Yet what if we were able to release all of those judgements and live into the full expression of this power within us? In the unique way it manifests through each of us?

What if we could channel our own power into creating the life we desire and deserve?

The Seventh Sense

Our five senses are very real to us because they are our physical interaction with the world around us.  

Then there is the sixth sense which describes our of extra-sensory experiencing through imagination, intuition and ability to perceive the unseen.

I also believe we have a seventh sense, which describes our feeling nature and emotions.

Humans are emotional beings, and that is profound, not only because we can feel the experience of love, joy and connection (which isn’t limited to human beings) but also because we have the gift of consciousness which enables us to connect meaning and purpose to all emotion.   

Emotion and feeling is a sensual experience, a fulfilling experience and a transformational one. Our creative forces are awakened through emotion.

Many women have a natural ability to embody this super-power called sensuality because we can perceive emotion to great dimensions, and although men can do this too, often it requires greater levels of practice, intention and focus.

Feeling Our Way Forward

Are you feeling disconnected, numb, blocked or stuck? Are fears, doubts, overwhelm or unworthiness dominating your life?

 Many of us through past suffering, conditioning and painful experiences have shut down our ability to feel. We have attempted to resist or reject the painful experiences yet when we (knowingly or unknowingly) do that we close our heart and so shut down our ability to experience emotions like passion, joy, inspiration, love.

Our feeling nature is one of our greatest assets as women because it’s incredibly powerful. It’s transformative, it’s inspiring and it’s the source of our creative power. When we fight our emotions (any of our emotions) we begin to reject our own potential.

Our sensuality is our wisdom, is our guidance system and is our pathway forward into our highest human and soul potential. Our sensuality is our gateway from fear into the essence of our truth.

Creative Potential

Creativity is not a gift given to some, we all have it and we are all creating our lives, our business, our relationships and beyond every single day, either from love or from fear.

Creativity is simply a movement of energy directed by our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, attitudes and actions.
We lose authority over if we reject the experiences that fuel it (such as our emotional experiences), when we allow our fears to dominate us, and we don’t cultivate beliefs, attitudes and values that are in alignment with our truth.

The more of ourselves we judge, shut down and reject, the less connection to our creative flow we have.

How do we step into our full creative potential? Embrace all of who you are in this moment, even if you perceive it as ugly or painful or inauthentic.

Your emotions have a story to tell, but are you listening? Your senses are sending you information in every moment of every day but are you receptive?

Every emotion, experience and event that has taken place in your life has purpose and contributes to your creative potential, as well as serving your purpose on this earth.

Whatever it is that’s alive you can learn something from it and opening up to receive all experiences will awaken your power as woman, as well as make you stronger, wiser and much more vibrant.

Your creativity is your experiences, emotions, feelings, perceptions and truth. You are not here to reproduce someone else’s work, or be someone else. You are here to share your own unique essence with the world and that comes from your imagination, your heart, your desire and your personal as well as divine will all channeled through you.


As you release more of your fear, judgement, resistance and depleting emotions you will create more space inside within not only for your creative forces but also to feel your way forward in life.

Embracing Your Sensuality For Transformation

When you are lost in fear or doubt turn your attention into your senses.

This will instantaneously bring you into presence with yourself, the world (and people) around you and your life-force.

Your 5 physical senses can shift you from the past or future and into an embodied state, it will soften the chaos of any emotional experience, it will ground you and calm you, and it will create space within.

Work with this by bringing your awareness into what you can taste, smell, hear, physically feel and see before you which moves your focus away from a fear or challenge, and into your Self. Try and feel that experience in every layer of your body, and if you aren’t quite there yet imagine that you feel it.

Next, you can tune into your intuitive awareness (your sixth sense). Connect with yourself and ask if your gut, heart, mind or knowing want to communicate with you, and are ready to guide you.

Pay attention to physical sensations from your survival intuition, images from your visionary intuition, feelings from your emotional intuition or a sense of knowing from your soul intuition. This may not be about your path forward, this may be your creative forces in action.

Life will change when even in the darkest moments of feeling disconnected, you can open your heart and feel your way forward.

Life will become truly magnificent when you can begin to feel all that is alive within you, become open and receptive to your emotions, sensations and your feelings.

Life will elevate you to new dimensions when with your presence you can acknowledge, receive and release any fear, resentment, anger or sadness that is alive within you.
That is when you can begin to create space within for joy, gratitude, compassion and love that you experience so deeply through your entire being they will radiate out into the world.

In Conclusion

You have the ability to develop an intimate connection with the earth, nature, music, aroma and even people in your life.
As you do this work you will begin feel them into the core of your being in such a beautiful way.

You will have the ability to tune into the subtlest experiences that are taking place within you.

You will have the power to channel all that into your business, career or legacy through your creative force that will begin to flow in the most powerful way.

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