Creating Space


“We must create sacred space for our truth to emerge, to awaken our power, to access the deepest dimensions of ourselves. We must lovingly create this time to unlock our wisdom and live into the totality of our spiritual force that lies dormant within us”



Creating space - A powerful practice that expands our ability to create absolutely everything that we need.

What is creating space? Finding a place in our life physically, emotionally and energetically for what is important in our life - our relationships, desires, passions and purpose.
It’s being incredibly intentional with how we use our energy and our time.
It is honouring what is alive in us, our needs, and our human and soul potential.

Space is beyond time, and when we set an intention create space we will always find the time we need.

Do you base your life on time?

Do you feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do?
To create the life you dream of?
To love and honour yourself?
Do you feel like there's barely any room to think, to create and to manifest? 
That much of your time is spent in worry, in stress, locked in destructive emotions and in just surviving? 
That there's more to life than this but you can't seem to find the right to create the freedom and fulfilment you are yearning for? 

That’s because when we base our capacity to create based on time, we are always going to find other things to do, bigger priorities, people who are more important than us and an endless number of distractions.

What A life based on time looks and feels like

Energetically; You feel lost or stuck.
You might feel at your limit, like there's pressure bearing down on you or you're about to burst and you can't put your mind into exactly what that is. 
You might feel completely lost but have no capacity to uncover what it is that makes you feel that way. 
You're energetically fatigued. 

Emotionally; You are at (or past) capacity.
You might not be in flow and you might have waves (or explosions) of emotion coming out of you in a destructive way. 
You've got no time to work through your emotions because you have to be in control and 'together' for everyone else. 
You react to things and feel sorry for it later but, it just keeps happening even though you promise yourself it won't. 
You're emotionally fatigued. 

Mentally; You are overwhelmed.
You feel like you cannot stop your brain running and you are incredibly tired of it. 
You forget where you put things, what you were doing in the middle of doing it and you wander into a room immediately forgetting what you went in there for. 
You can't sleep or relax because your mind won't shut down, even thinking makes you feel fatigued. 

Physically; You are tired.
You are tired all the time and nothing you do, eat, move is shifting that. 
You are so tired that all you can do is sit at the end of the day wishing for things to be different. 
You are busy all the time, you feel stressed and your nervous system is in chaos.

If you have no 'space' no amount time, energy or the power will is going to shift your experience.

Creating space will.

Space is freedom to nurture yourself, to be working with the mind instead of against it, to flow with your emotions instead of wading against the tide.
It is the capacity to be able to stop and breath in such presence that it calms you instead of irritates you. 


How Do You Create Space?

Set sacred intentions
Feel into what you want to create, vision it coming into being and drop into willingness to create it. Without the intention you won’t find the time, space or energy to create it. Sacred intentions are high vibration intentions that are created from our values, desires and heart, it’s an intention we commit to fulfilling because we know it’s in service to our highest good. When we create a sacred intention you will find the space in your life to bring it into being.
What limitations can you release so you can create the life you desire and deserve?

Simplify Life
Spend less time making decisions and creating a structure that help you step out of decision fatigue. This will look different for everyone and might be meal planning, structuring your day, getting extra support in your home or business, and refining processes. Reflect on what takes up the most space in your mind, and what creates the most stress and get creative with ways you can change your experience so that you don’t use up your precious energy on things that don’t contribute to life.
What can you let go of to make more room in your life?

Personal Practice
This is something that will change your life. Personal practice cultivates inner connection, reduces stress, increases mindfulness and helps release tension. There are so many types of personal practice including reflection, breathing, movement (like dance), yoga, meditation, guided journeying and beyond. Spiritual practices also create connection to your higher self and with strong intentions, as well as choosing a practice that serves your needs the space will open up in your life.
How can you make your personal practice so important that you find the space to honour yourself in this way?

Energetic and Emotional Self-Care
Emotions can accumulate within. Whatever we resist, reject and retain builds up within us and if we don’t release it we can experience an emotional explosion which can create destruction around us. Releasing excess energy and expressing our emotion is an incredibly important aspect of self-care and clears our inner channel so we have the space within to be free. What does that look like? energetic cleansing has many possibilities from sacred smoke, essential oils, earthing, breathing practices, shaking meditations and beyond. Emotional release practices are based in expressing your emotion, allowing that to be acknowledged and released and creating the space to release forceful emotions in a safe place so they don’t harm those around you.
What can you do to release excess energy and emotion in a safe and transformative way?

Surrender The Mind
The mind can be powerful and surrendering the mind can be difficult, especially when it dominates every other aspect of our being. Yet when the mind alone is in power we can be led by fear, by conditioning and by the limitations we place on ourselves. Surrendering the mind opens a connection with ourselves, with our instinctual nature and it allows a balance between mind, body, heart and soul that can bring freedom.
Surrender meditation practices are intentional spaces of time where you sit, open your heart and settle into the centre of your being. Your mind may fight but use your breath to release tension, engage the power of your will and hold your attention on your centre. Eventually over time you will be able to sit in this with ease and for long periods of time.

Carve Out Some Time
Creating time in your external world when you create your inner space yet, this is an important part of the journey and is an initiation to growth. Begin with just 5 minutes a day for what is most important to your heart, to your Self and to your needs.
Even if you start with just a few moments to breathe deeply a few times a day, 5 minutes go for a walk, 10 minutes to shut down all social media and journal, an hour to turn off all technology and read a book.
Turn your intentions into inspired action and create the time.

In Conclusion

Everything begins with creating space.
Nothing is created without it.
If you start practicing this, then you can start on the journey to FREEDOM