Discovering Joy


“I want to get so happy that others get happy just looking at me” 

Yogi Bhajan

My Story

Up to a point quite recently in my life I had not had the experience joy in my life.

I was very aware that I was deeply unhappy and I knew that there was more available to me. I knew that I could feel more alive and free yet, because I had never felt the frequency of this emotion I did not know what to do to create it.

Now? I can share that I have now known deep in my body what joy feels like. I began

What have I learned? That joy is something we become and it’s something we choose to create. It’s not something that a lucky few have, or something that is only available to people in certain life circumstances. We have it available to us all the time if we choose to claim it.
I have also learned that our emotional experiences move in and out, up and down as life flows around us and we may not feel joy in every moment yet, when aligned with the higher frequencies we can always come back there easily through our thoughts and choices.

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Could Experience More Joy?

Here are 3 things that can help you awaken to more of the good vibes in your life;

1) Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Where is your focus right now? Be completely honest with yourself;
Are you focusing on what you don’t want?
Are you comparing yourself to others who have what you don’t have?
Are you blaming others for your current experiences?
Are emotions like anger, frustration, fear and resentment your primary experiences?

“The joy we feel as little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives” – Russel M Nelson

My experience is that the only way out of your current circumstances is to really look inside into what is feeding your current life experience.

You attract what you receive with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, words and actions so, how are you doing here?

Awareness enables change and, change means you can start to shift into the life that you want.

So, what would it take for you to;

Devote yourself to practices that focus on what you want to create? (and follow a healing path to deal with the fears, resistance and emotions that come up in response to that)
Forgive yourself for anything you have or haven’t done and, appreciate yourself for the amazing being that you are, because you have the ability to light up your life and live from the heart if you tune into that?
Take radical responsibility for everything you be, do and have so that you can take your power back and create your life?
Bring yourself to balance and then enlightenment with focus on heart-based emotions like gratitude, compassion, forgiveness and courage so that you can attract more of that beautiful energy?

2) Practice Gratitude – And Make It An Embodied Experience

Simply put – true gratitude is transformative and will change your life because it is a force in that fear, anger, frustration, impatience, resentment and blame cannot survive.

Those depleting emotions are the very root of our inability to create fulfilling experiences and, releasing them is an essential part of the process to becoming pure joy.

The real power of gratitude is in consciously choosing it, embracing it, living it and being it every single day regardless of what is going on around you.

But take it deeper - gratitude doesn’t create change if it is remains a thought. Practice embodied gratitude where you bring that thought down into your heart and feel the emotion of that appreciation, then expand that out to every single cell in your body so you are vibrating with the love, appreciation and gratitude for what you are visioning.

Gratitude takes commitment at first, especially if you are currently wired to see life through a negative filter, and even more especially if you are in a pattern of getting emotionally and mentally pulled into the chaos of life around you regularly.
Yet if you work with embodied gratitude every day your life will change, it will start to feel good, it will start to bring opportunities you would never have believed possible toward you.

3) Awaken, Arise & Choose FREEDOM!

We are creators. In every single moment we are creating our life with our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. In every single moment we draw in experiences that match our frequency and our emotional state so, whether we want to accept it or not – we are completely responsible for the life we have.

Do you want more joy? Go out there and create it!
Not that easy? Then get to know your excuses for what they are – anchors to keep you stuck.
Start to tune into what you’re are being called to. Those messages might be really subtle but they are there.
You might be wanting to try an art course, do a dance class, go to a women’s circle, go ice-skating, learn how to swim or learn about wine. Whatever it is watch these little pulls and notice your response to them. It’s easy to say it’s too hard, too expensive, too far away, you won’t know anyone etc. however, are those ‘reasons’ you are giving yourself moving you towards joy? Or away from it? Are they creating flow or keeping you stuck?

You know what? Of course, it feels hard! I get it! It’s easier to stay home, to watch TV, to do everything less than 10 minutes from home. Especially when that has been your normal for such a long time but, are your excuses limiting your capacity for joy?
Would it be possible to throw off the resistances? What would it take to awaken, arise and be free?

You haven’t noticed that art class advertised for no reason, it’s because your soul is calling for that and wants you to make that decision. You weren’t invited to that women’s circle because you aren’t capable of going.

These things don’t come into our awareness for no reason but what is between you and that freedom is the decision.

Your ultimate joy might not come from going out there one time, but it comes from a series of opening further and further until you acquire the capacity for the joy that you desire and deserve.

Then, once you are there you will be able to cultivate it every single day of your life.

No one is going to create our happiness, it’s our power and ours alone.

In Conclusion

Give yourself permission to choose joy, create joy and live joy. Sometimes when we have experienced the darkness we can forget what it feels like to live in the light so if you still can’t possibly imagine what it would feel like to be joyful everyday find someone who is, someone who is so happy they make you happy and open to receive that transmission of light.
In addition you can also use essential oils which is the subject of my next post.