Essential Oils For Joy


Joy is an emotion with a high vibration.
It’s uplifting, it’s heart opening and it invites a shine into our lives so that we can live in ecstasy.

Although it might feel unattainable, joy is simply frequency just as we are just as everything in this world.

When we are in a low vibration state our energy contracts and we feel dense and heavy, yet when we are in a high vibration state our energy expands we can experience the higher frequency of emotions like joy, love and harmony.

There are many ways we can raise our frequency we can bring that frequency and open to receive these experiences including with essential oils.

7 Essential Oils To Inspire More Joy In Your Life

1) Lime

If you are feeling unhappy, depressed or pessimistic then the vibrancy of this essential oil can lift you up into joy, vitality and bliss.
It’s an energizing oil that refreshes and revitalizes the soul so, it’s a good choice if you feel like you are stagnating or lacking in inspiration to rise up and create a different experience.

I love lime because it helps you create your potential – within you and in your external world. The potential is always waiting to be created so, while you may feel down and depressed there is a potential for a different experience.

2) Bergamot

Bergamot is the essential oil of confidence and self worth. Often joy is unavailable to you because you don’t feel worthy of feeling good and having positive experiences. Bergamot will get to work clearing limiting self beliefs that prevent you from excitement, adventure and joy that is available to you.

This is also an oil of illumination so, it will help you bring attention to the aspects of yourself that you might have been disconnected from – such as passion, humor, light heartedness or compassion that you might not have known because they have been hiding behind darkness.

When you can tap into those beautiful qualities, you can start working through them to create positive experiences and joy.

3) Green Mandarin

If there was just one oil to call joy it would be green mandarin. It works within the heart and helps us move from a place of darkness into the light, especially if we have been there a long period of time and feel really stuck there.

Green Mandarin is distilled from the young fruit and for this reason it carries the energy of the divine child so it invites us to see the world from a place of lightheartedness, of pure delight and of wonderment.

Working with this oil can shift you out of patterns that create heaviness around you, it can shift your energy into new frequencies and it can help you move from a place of fear into freedom.

4) Wild Orange

I have always known this oil as joy in a bottle because of the powers it has to raise your frequency, uplift your mood and shift you from a negative mindset into optimism and joy.

It’s also an oil of creativity. Are you stuck on the idea of creative work being painting and sculpting? It is but, it’s not limited to painting on a canvas because we are all creating our life in every moment of every day. We are painting on the canvas of life and, what many people who feel down and depressed aren’t wholly aware of is that those who are experiencing joy create it themselves. Wild orange will help you start to create opportunities for high vibration living – for excitement, for adventure, for laughter and for joy.

Joy doesn’t just jump into the lap of a lucky few, it’s created, cultivated and expanded upon so Wild Orange is a wonderful oil for you to choose if you are ready to jump into a joyful life.

5) Litsea

This essential oil for joy can raise you out of the darkness, especially if you are in the habit of hanging out in low moods, negative mindsets and self pity for days or even weeks at a time.

It lifts the spirit, elevates low moods and refreshes your mindset so you can see beyond what is dragging you down or holding you back.
The real gift in Litsea is that it’s a conduit into a state of gratitude. Thankfulness alone can attract more joy in your life, yet adding Litsea can help propel you into a positive mindset from which you will find so much joy and abundance. If you want more blessings you have to see the blessings you already have and that is what this oil can help you with.

6) Ylang Ylang

This is a powerful oil with a potent aroma that has the ability to soothe and calm all aspects of you. It’s the oil of being which is why I’ve chosen it for this list. We are a society caught in doing, in working and of numbing out on social media, food and even substances so as a whole we are forgetting how to live. That includes how to not only create joy but receive it.

Ylang ylang will help you come into your body, go with the flow of life and will inspire you to take more action in creating a life of living instead of working.

This oil can soften even the hardest of hearts and it can also teach you to stop taking life so seriously so you can go and have some fun!

7) Rose

Rose had to be added as a bonus on this list. It’s not an essential oil that you would consider particularly uplifting because of how gentle, soft and calming it is however, what it does do is work in the heart.

The heart is the center of our being, and our emotional experience. In addition, the positive emotion for the heart is joy.
When the heart is closed, we are energetically contracted and when we are contracted we shut out uplifting experiences and positive emotions. Often the heart is shut down from painful memories and fears such as rejection, abandonment and judgement.

When the heart opens we can experience joy, so if you feel you have fears and painful memories associated with a closed heart this is a beautiful one to use

In Conclusion

I believe joy is something we are all seeking and, the source of depression and anxiety is our disconnection from this high frequency, healing and active emotion.

Joy is the meaning of life – not work, not doing.

Yet, many are missing out on this blessed experience so, is it time to start making it our mission to experience more of it?

I personally think so!