Knowledge Alone Isn’t Power


Knowledge is power. It’s an oh-so-common phrase that we use in pursuits of the intellect.
But is knowledge really power? Or is knowledge simply a gateway?
Have you noticed that knowing something often doesn’t immediately transform your life? It doesn’t automatically make you wise, it won’t become a habit, it doesn’t make you special, and it won’t give you the powers to change the world.
What does? Integration.
To integrate is to unite something with something (or someone) else, to bring parts together to become part of the whole.
Information, data, facts, truth and knowledge won’t become power until it unites with us, integrates through all layers of our being and change us at the energetic level. Until we feel it and anchor it into mind, body, heart and soul.
How do we integrate knowledge? feel it, practice it, embody it, live it and be it, and here are my reflections on the journey of integration;

Mind; Learning & Reflecting

Before we can integrate anything we have to learn it, come into understanding of it through exploring the information from multiple perspectives and expand our awareness through reflection. 
Many people learn and don’t take the time to reflect, explore and expand, yet knowledge is only power if there is understanding also.
This stage can be the longest part of the journey to integration because often we are working to shift long-standing programming and patterns, repeated self-sabotage, concreted perspectives, and beliefs that are deeply rooted into us. These old thought pathways are, up to the point where we learn and set intentions, direct our life and they will often fight against change, making it feel really difficult to break these patterns. Personally I feel this is a sign you are about to experience growth and if you push through powerful transformations can occur, and through exploration and reflection we can expand our awareness and understanding, and so shift what is limiting us. 
Time in reflection with information will create the most potent shifts as it expands your understanding, it invites you to new awarenesses and you will discover how that knowledge aligns with you, supports you, as how that knowledge can touch others. This is where you can speak with knowing. 

Heart; Feeling

Once we have the information, create a deeper understanding of it we can draw it down and begin to feel it in our heart. 
When knowledge moves down from the mind to fill the heart it gains power because it becomes connected to emotion. At this layer we begin to feel it in our body and we feel the vibration of it within us. When we start to feel that information in the heart it comes alive, especially when you begin to share that knowledge with the world and when you teach what you know in your heart people will feel you deep into the core of their being. When you speak from the heart (versus the mind) you will have the power to activate emotion such as joy in others. 
Another thing that happens when you begin living your knowledge from the heart is that you will become much more intuitive with it, and you will be able to sense as well as think your way forward. 
It’s true we can speak from the heart without the knowledge and that can be incredibly powerful yet when we can unite the heart and mind powerful shifts can take place

Body; Embodiment & Being 

To know, to feel and to become is the natural flow if you devote yourself and surrender to the journey. 
After mind and heart integration, and once the heart and mind are in coherence you will begin to live this knowledge and the knowledge moves from the heart, down your centre and out into every single cell, every fibre of energy within you. 
Once this knowledge becomes anchored down into your cells, your DNA and every fibre of your being you feel it through your whole self and it becomes embodied, then others will feel your alignment, your conviction, your beingness and your truth.  
You will now speak of it from a place of deep knowing, of understanding, of experience because you live this knowledge every day - it has become wisdom. You can stop thinking about creating a habit because it unconsciously forms your thoughts, your intentions and drives your actions. That knowledge will be your natural flow, you live it automatically and instinctively, and (most of the time) there will be no effort, simply ease
True manifestation cannot take place until this embodiment occurs. Why? To think it, to know it isn’t enough and oh the vision is absolutely essential yet we must draw that energy down through our heart, extending it down our centre all the way to our base where it can expand out into become a physical reality.
One could consider this full integration, and it will be for those who aren’t on a seekers journey, yet there is one more layer to this. 

Spirit; Transcendence

There’s one last aspect, and that is ascension which is spiritual integration. A process of transcending the knowledge of the lower mind, into understanding of higher mind, and surrendering that knowledge divine wisdom. From this place we can begin to channel spiritual and divine knowledge, access the realms of the akash and experience deep knowing without having to read information.
Spiritual teachers, shamans, mystics, priests and priestesses take this journey and it is a process of lifelong evolution that always begins with learning knowledge which must become deeply rooted into us before we can transcend it. To reach this place we must surrender the lower mind (for example needing evidence to believe), surrender our personal will for divine will, trust in the highest good, and beyond. It it essential to go on a journey of spiritual integration? not all but you will know if you are called to this path, and you must be prepared to face all of the initiations a long the way (which might not always feel good). 

In Conclusion

Knowledge becomes power through integration. It comes alive, it becomes an energy, it becomes a legacy which will be lived through all layers of our being.

Integration is a journey. It’s a process that unfolds in the time that is necessary for us to learn, to grow and to transform. It happens in accordance with our highest good.

It can be a wonderfully exciting, expansive and enlightening journey when we take the pressure to get to our perceived destination and prove ourselves off. The greater your ability to surrender the more amazing the journey is going to be because your journey is a continuing cycle of mind, heart and body. Once you reach embodiment you will yearn for more and you will never stop working with your mind, imagination and vision. 

Full integration is not a destination, it an ever-expanding adventure which is endless for all of the seekers of this world. 

Mikalena x