The Powerful Experience That Is Essential Oils

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Why isn’t everyone using essential oils? There are many reasons but one of the most significant is that the majority of world only looks to an essential oils with the belief that they are synthetic fragrances which have no beneficial effect on our health and well-being.

There is so much misunderstanding around essential oils such as; The therapeutic power of smell, what a pure and natural essential oil actually is, how much science there really is behind essential oils now, and the decades of incorrect information easily accessed by anyone who has a search engine.

I’m on a mission to change the beliefs that we as a society have around essential oils so let’s look at what they can do;

What are they?

An essential oil is a potent botanical elixir that is extracted (mostly through distillation and cold-press) from various parts of a plant. The exact term for an essential oil is an ‘aromatic volatile compound’ which simply means that they are highly fragrant liquids that are so small they evaporate rapidly.

To understand what an essential oil truly is we need to look at these three aspects of a true essential oil;

  • Purity; Essential oils (when extracted exclusively from nature) are compounded entirely of phytochemicals, which are the active components of plants. What does this mean? That a pure and natural essential oil contains nothing but many of the most medicinal parts of a plant. Purity is absolutely integral for the other two aspects below.

  • Potency; The medicinal powers of plants have been recognised for centuries and creating an essential oil means that we extract the majority of the most powerful and medicinal aspects of these plants and turn them into highly concentrated liquids. These compounds support us in much the same ways as they do for plants in nature - they protect, balance, restore, nourish and enliven so that we can experience whole health and the highest experience of vitality. These compounds are so small they penetrate through the layers of our skin, moving into circulation. From there they can gently enter our cells which means their work is deep, and they have an ability to get to the source of our imbalances.

  • Safety; Despite their purity (our) essential oils are safe. Why? because they are natural. Our physical body is aligned to nature, it recognises these compounds, it receives them, and the innate intelligence of our body can send those compounds to where they need to go. For most people our body can accept large doses of these essential oils without negative effects (don't do this without professional support) yet in most cases less is more and typically one to three drops (which contains millions of those precious compounds) is enough to experience an immediate effect.

Pure & Natural Are Not The Same
For an essential oil to be effective, potent and safe they need to be pure and natural.
There are thousands of essential oils in the market that are contaminated with synthetic chemicals, yet although adulterated they can be labelled as pure because they are comprised only of nature-identical compounds.
These artificial replacements can be incredibly harmful to our health, with even small amounts able to cause toxicity and severe reactions because our human body doesn’t recognise synthetic compounds, it isn’t able to detoxify them in the same way and they can cause harm to our tissues.
Perhaps this is why essential oils have a reputation for being perfume rather than for what they truly are? This is probably why very few understand what a pure and natural essential oil can do?

Mother nature is incredibly intelligent. She kept us alive for tens of thousands of years and now we have the technology to take those natural plant compounds and concentrate them into incredibly effective pure and natural remedies.

The Therapeutic Value Of Smell

The sense of smell is often incredibly under-appreciated, and when we realise the effect that inhaling an essential oil can have on us, we begin to open ourselves to the transformative powers of essential oils.

The truth about smell;
The aromatic volatile compounds in essential oils interact immediately with your brain and nervous system through the olfactory nerves in the nasal cavity. They activate the limbic system in our emotional brain, where they have the power to create immediate change in our mood, emotions, thoughts and memory.
When you inhale an essential oil the chemistry of our brain, nervous system and whole body is changing, because they trigger the release and balance of neurochemicals, which then move out from our nervous system into the rest of the body to initiate change.

Olfactory nerves have also been discovered in our heart, lungs and digestive system, and although it’s not fully understood what they do, that could be the reason they have shown scientists a power to slow heart rate, balance blood pressure, regulate breathing and support the immune system. 

In the moments that follow your experience of an essential oil your body is creating a new state of being, This whole body effect makes them an incredibly powerful tool for emotional alchemy and restoring our health.

The Work Of Essential Oils Is Deep

‘Essential oils have a great deal in common. We are both alive chemically & electrically’ Valerie Ann Worwood

What is the true reason that essential oils are the most powerful elixirs on this earth? They are incredibly potent, and science now has countless studies proving the effect they have on us, yet the work that essential oils go beyond the physical level of health and wellness.

Essential Oils Support Us Through All Layers Of Our Being
We are not just a body, we are beings of many layers. We are mind, body, heart and soul, and to discover true health, vitality and freedom we need to work holistically.

In In Physical Sense;
Essential oils have therapeutic compounds that intuitively know where they are needed in the body and take action at the cellular level supporting all levels of our physical structure. They support the natural inflammatory process, rebalance our physical nervous system, encourage physical healing, and regeneration of our tissues. They have the ability to nourish, restore and rebalance every structure in the body. 

In The Mental Sense;
The aromatic molecules trigger the emotional brain through the olfactory system to create immediate change within our emotional brain leading to a change in chemistry. They balance our chemical emotions and hormones, clear the mind of congestion and well as balance and restore the nervous system. They can fast track change because have the power to amplify the effects of positive thoughts and behavioural changes that rewire the pathways of our brain. They calm the mind for mood, meditation and sleep.

In The Emotional Sense;
The potent experience of essential oils can guide us through deep transformation, helping us to resolve past emotions and past memories, guiding the release of trapped emotions & energy, and shift the experiences of harmful patterning that creates a cycle of limiting behaviours, painful experiences, discouragement and self-criticism. Essential oils work across all four layers to bring us back into a state of wholeness and emotional freedom. (for deeper exploration on emotional alchemy visit this page.

In The Energetic or Spiritual Sense;
The energy of essential oils carries information that can create instantaneous shifts with in us. Essential oils can move us from a state of contraction to expansion, raise our frequency, cleanse our energy field, realign our energy, guide us into connection with our higher energies including our own soul.  Essential oils can be a guide on our spiritual journey,

Holistic Health

This is a term that’s used most often used in connection with foods and health products that are considered natural or organic but we are neglecting the true meaning of what is actually an experience, not just a word.
What does it mean to support yourself holistically? To acknowledge that every aspect of you is intimately connected, to have awareness that when your body is out of balance your mind, heart and soul are as well. To understand that when there are symptoms, pain or even illness the connection between all layers has been disturbed because the integrity of each layer of you is a direct reflection of the other.

This reason why essential oils are so incredibly powerful and transformative.
They aren’t limited to just one role in the body, they take action through our whole being. They truly act holistically by nurturing, rebalancing, cleansing, restoring, recalibrating every single fibre of energy, every atom, every cell, every tissue, every organ so we can return to wholeness.

There are few substances on this earth that can do this.
Plants are incredibly intelligent and we have a powerful gift that every single person on this planet can benefit from.

In Conclusion

I often wonder how it can be possible for to science know so much about essential oils yet they are dismissed as useless fragrances.
I reflect on how I have witnessed so many amazing people experience life-altering experiences yet there are so many other people who won’t even try them.
I question how we as a society are so quick to grab chemical options yet it’s so hard to believe essential oils are safe and effective.

Truthfully it frustrates me that these incredibly powerful elixirs are cast aside as perfume because very few people on this earth have experienced the power of what a pure, natural and potent essential oil can do which is why I’ve become an educator, mentor and guide for those wanting to step into a holistic health path.

If you feel the call to learn more about essential oils and would like to get elixirs that I use every day in my home and life, please connect with me