The Spiritual Experience Of Emotion


We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience
— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What Are Emotions?

They are our energetic, chemical and physical responses to our human experiences.

They are initiated through energy in motion, and then they move through all layers of our being - mind, body, heart and soul to become feeling, sensation and the physical shifts that we experience.

Their purpose?
To communicate our needs, and create the changes necessary to fulfil them.

In a physical sense emotions protect us by keeping us safe from harm, they alert us to our physical needs like hunger, fatigue, health and stability.

In an emotional sense they communicate our need for connection, intimacy, significance and freedom.

In a spiritual sense emotions are the pathway to growth into our highest potential as human and soul beings - and this is where our growth as spiritual beings begins. Emotions are the source of transformation for us as spiritual beings within the human experience.

Emotions; suffering or sovereignty?

There is a residual level of shame within many of us around our ‘negative’ emotions. Why? because human conditioning has taught us to believe that our emotions are something to be ashamed of. That anger is bad, that grief is uncomfortable, that frustration is unacceptable, and we learned very early in our lives that the only place we can express emotion is silently in secret or not at all because those around us weren’t able to witness our experiences and allow us to voice our feelings. We quickly realised that our pain created more pain so we buried them away.

This has been the cycle for generations yet as a collective we are breaking through that pattern because we know that it’s limiting us, it’s creating suffering and I believe many of us intuitively sense there is something underneath those internalised emotions that needs to come alive, that can only expand when we resolve the unfinished business of our buried emotions.

Emotion itself isn’t destructive, negative, or bad, it’s the resistance to that emotion which creates contraction, tension and fear. Prolonged resistance leads to great suffering through loss of power, misalignment and disconnection from the essence of who we are, and as the force of negativity grows within us we become more and more disconnected from our soul. That is the greatest pain of all.

Can we live like this forever? perhaps and many do, yet those being called to a pathway of self-discovery feel a deep yearning for change that is arising from our soul. Yet where do we go from there? It begins with the realisation and acceptance of our emotional experiences. Buried emotions don’t go away, dissolve or vanish. They remain alive within us for months, years, or even life-times until we complete the cycle, until we embrace them, until surrender to them as well as the shifts they mean to create within us.

Human beings are afraid of our emotional experiences, yet our soul is not because it chose this life to experience as many of them as possible. But what are emotions really? They are the gateway to transformation and spiritual evolution.

Emotions are the journey to our sovereignty. Our soul knows that.

The Spiritual Experience Of Emotion

I had a recent revelation about emotions as a spiritual experience, and I now know that there is nothing more spiritual than emotion in the human experience.

Emotion is the reason our soul chose to incarnate into this physical body.

We decided to come from the light of creation (source, the cosmos, the divine, god or any name you choose to use), to (temporarily) forget everything we know, to disconnect from the akash where we had access to all of the knowledge and divine intelligence that has ever and will ever exist in all dimensions, to leave the highest vibrations where negativity and pain cannot exist, and come down into the darkness of the physical plane.

Why did we choose this painful experience of moving from light to dark? of the lowering our vibration into density of physical form? Because the source of our growth, expansion and transformation as a soul is in the human experience, specifically emotion.

In every moment of emotion, suffering, pain, loss and destruction there is an invitation to growth.
To move from wounds to wisdom.
To surrender from fear into freedom.
To shift from suffering to sovereignty.
Every experience we have ever had, especially the fear, pain and suffering teaches us something, gives way to higher knowledge, has helped us evolve as human and soul beings.
We are who we are right now because of past experiences.
Our soul can only experience this powerful transformation through our material body, it can only feel it through our tangible heart, it can only shift it through the physical mind. Our physical body is a temple, a sacred container for these incredibly potent experiences.

Our soul knows that divine knowledge and intelligence isn’t the source of expansion (we already have that before we incarnate), the ability to feel is, and we grow as spiritual beings when we embrace our emotional experiences.
Every single emotion is an initiation into a higher level of being through all layers of ourselves, and when we open to receive them we create the conditions within us to learn the lessons and grow as spiritual beings.

If we try and escape those initiations that our soul has called in for us we live with the pain of resistance every single day. How do we change our experience of life? we release that resistance.

Releasing The Resistance

What we resist and we reject we retain.
Fighting our emotions and rejecting our pain and suffering means that those will remain within us. Why? because to create a new reality, to grow and to rise into the power of our human and soul potential, to experience the purest potency of our spiritual force we need to step into that journey of self-discovery. We need to peel back the layers and go deep within ourselves. We need to resolve the unfinished business of buried emotions. We need to discover what we are truly capable of so we can transform that experience into the power waiting for us.

Many people bypass their emotions to deny or disconnect from the discomfort of the human experience (which can look like addictions, procrastination, denial, control or even meditation) yet that creates yearning, misalignment and even suffering at the soul level (yes the soul can suffer too)

Where do you go from here?
Embrace your emotional experiences. All of them. And that can be done through all layers;

  • Working with your mind to shift your language and inner dialogue, to (re)direct your focus and attention, to visualise the change you desire, to use empowered statements that change your programming and most importantly shift your perceptions.

  • Work with your heart to open yourself to those emotional experiences and feel them, to explore the feelings that move through you, to connect to the depths of who you are.

  • Work with your body and breath to release tension, to move the energy through you, to shake out trapped energy and to allow the sensation of the emotion to completely move through you.

  • Work with your soul to move in the direction of your transformation and pay attention to your intuition and the inner callings (that work through mind, body and heart) that show you the way.

In Conclusion

That foundation of our transformation is an innate curiosity (that interestingly is shamed in our society because curious people grow stronger and rise) to learn to grow and to discover.

It’s that curiosity that invites us to go deeper, and the most powerful tool for growth is to gently and intentionally discover our past by questioning everything; What is this? how does this feel? where can this take me? why is this there? how was this created? why did I make that choice? what was the consequence of that thought/response/reaction/action?
Through these questions we move through the layers of discovering the fears that are alive within us and over time we realise who we truly are partly through realising what isn’t true to our soul.

We have to release the past before we can step into the future, just like we have to embrace our emotions before we can live into our sovereignty.

If you are feeling called to this path, even if that calling is wrapped in fear my course ‘Becoming An Emotional Alchemist’ is a journey through your energy, emotions, the mind and deep healing so you can expand into your highest power of your human and soul potential. Click below to explore that.