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Mikalena is a passionate and devoted author, mentor and teacher with an ever-expanding range of experiences and offerings to the women of this world who are yearning to rise into their human potential, who are being called into transformation through all levels of their being and are ready to rise into their power and potential. 

Following the callings of her soul has led her through education in holistic health, to growing a wildly successful business in network marketing with doTERRA essential oils, and a deep open-hearted dive into her spiritual path which has led to profound personal transformations. She has brought all of her wisdom together into her first book Emotional Alchemy with Essential oils, as well as the accompanying Emotional Alchemy Vision cards. In addition she has developed an online program called Becoming An Emotional Alchemist for those who want to go deeper into the alchemical experience. 

Her personal mission is to return to her power, to open to receive the truth of her soul, to stretch herself into the highest potential of herself and live as a free being. She now steps fully into her calling as a guide, to show women how to awaken the dormant forces within themselves, to teach women what sacred and powerful beings they are, and to initiate women into transformation so profound they can experience the limitlessness of their spiritual force.


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