Emotional Alchemy

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“Alchemy - a power or process that creates or transforms something in such a way it seems like magic”

Essential oils can bring us profound transformation and when we use essential oils we take their essence into every cell of our body, they touch as through every layer of our being.

As we work more closely with our oils, learn about them and experience the shifts within us we start to appreciate them in a whole new way because we are able to start going on a much deeper journey with them. We can put our conscious mind aside and work intuitively, work instinctually and listen to the callings of our heart when when we are choosing oils to serve our needs.

Emotion Alchemy with Essential Oils and the Vision cards guide you into a deeper energetic and emotional connection with your essential oils. Together with your oils they will gift you knowledge and wisdom, activate your intuition and support you on a path of emotional and energetic transformation.
If you work with your essential oils emotionally and spiritually, Emotional Alchemy is an essential for your journey.


The Book


Emotional Alchemy With Essential Oils

This big book is a powerful and comprehensive guide of over 340 pages of wisdom and teachings that takes you deep into the field of emotional healing, specifically with essential oils.

 Emotional alchemy is not just information delivered to you on paper it’s a journey.

Through teachings on energy and emotions, detailed essential oil profiles, personal reflections for each essential oil, powerful practices, diagrams (to help you use your essential oils), and beyond.

 This is not a book with a focus exclusively on information, or even the ‘doing’ (the how to use the information)
Emotional alchemy also teaches you the ‘being’ so that you can integrate what you are learning for wholeness, healing and freedom. 

 The wisdom in this book is complete. With it you can enter into a transformational journey that can change your life.


“I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. The attention to detail is outstanding and the content is like nothing else available on the market”



The Vision Cards


Emotional Alchemy Vision Cards

Emotional Alchemy Vision Cards are an exceptionally powerful deck that can be used for intuitive blending, as guidance on your emotional healing journey, as a tool manifesting, or even as a spiritual oracle.

When you work with the Emotional Alchemy cards you not only receive guidance, you also have a potent tool that you can work with to create the shifts, the healing and the transformations you are seeking.

In this pack are 60 beautifully crafted cards (created by an intuitive artist) aligned to 59 different essential oils which together will work within you as keys to unlock new states of being. They come with a guidebook that has a profile on every oil, guidance on how to use the cards and teachings on how to create revolutions in your life.

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Copaiba awakens the power of the warrior within, giving strength to work through the deep-rooted and suppressed emotional pain.

This is the perfect oil to reveal and nurture your inner strength and power, which enables you to live and love at your highest version.



The essence of Frankincense is transcendence: to rise above and beyond the moment of fear. 

A sacred grounding oil which helps bring your energy back into alignment when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious.



Sandalwood will guide you into alignment with your truth, allowing you to experience the divinity that you are. This is an oil for seekers of the world.

At a spiritual level, it is guides you into connection with the higher self


“Honey!!!! Just received your cards and book and far out do they have some power in them!!! The artistry is next level!!! They are alive and I’m feeling these as a deep rooted throb in my body, powerful, so powerful!
The book is a must have with the deck, because with both you have shown that we can have a deeper energetic relationship with the oils that you’ve made easy!!!”



The Course


Emotional Alchemy With Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent botanical extracts that hold the power to guide us through transformation at all levels of being.

In this upcoming course we will be exploring all aspects of essential oils for emotional transformation, and you will be guided into a deeper energetic connection with not just your essential oils, but also yourself.

You will be learning about energy, emotions and the mind, as well as essential oils as energy medicine.

You will be guided through a journey of teachings that will support you through emotional recalibration, developing your intuition and moving from fear to freedom.

If you have a calling to work with essential oils on your healing or spiritual path, this will be course that will nourish and uplift you.

Coming 2020