Essential Oils

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A New Perspective

“Aromatherapy is more thoroughly defined as the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well-being. 

Science is now confirming what has been known for centuries; that essential oils have healing properties on both physical and emotional levels. 

Absorbed through the skin and via the olfactory brain connection through inhalation they have been considered among the most therapeutic and rejuvenating of all botanical extracts throughout the ages”

Valerie Gennari Cooksley. 


The Power Of Nature

 Humans have reached into nature for our medicine for thousands of years and our ancestors (from the wisdom passed down through generations) knew that plants heal us. For most of the time we have existed on this earth plants have been our source of medicine, emotional healing and sacred ceremonies.

Many plants produce highly concentrated liquids made entirely of medicinal compounds, not to smell beautiful, but to protect themselves, to heal themselves, to reproduce and to help them thrive in nature.

Then, as modern science emerged it drew on the wisdom and experience of the ancients, and used that knowledge to create most of the medicines we are familiar with today.


The Power Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are created when the medicinal compounds are gently extracted from plants.

We draw the strongest and most therapeutic aspect out and turn them into highly concentrated liquids that support us in the same ways they do in plants.

I truly believe there is nothing on this earth more potent, more effective or more transformative.

Why? Essential oils are the essences of plants. 

Chemically they are have therapeutic compounds that physically support us in a way that nothing pure and natural can. Yet they are also hold the healing powers of the plants within them. 

They hold the energy, the wisdom and the life of our greatest teacher - the earth. 

When we work with an essential oil we take in the most highly potent, pure and power form of what this world has to offer us.  

Pause for just a moment to reflect on what we have. Inhale it. Feel it. There’s a moment where you will realise what we have in our hands we can experience a space of awe, amazement and deep gratitude.  

Essential oils support us holistically, working through all layers of our being, mind, body and soul, and they work within us to balance, regenerate, restore, nourish and transform.


‘Essential oils and us have a great deal in common. We are both alive chemically & electrically’

Valerie Worwood


How They Work


They balance the body at a cellular level. The essential oil compounds trigger a sequence of responses within us that create to instant changes in our brain and nervous system. They are able to enter into our cells to reach the source of dis-ease, so their work is powerful and deep.


The compounds instantly move into the body, through our olfactory system and our skin where they soothe the nervous system, balance our emotions and bring a sense of harmony to our whole Self.


The high vibrational frequency of each essential oil creates shifts within us at even the most subtle levels. Recalibrating our energy, helping us process thoughts, emotions and energy, to anchor us into presence, awaken new states of being and transform our lives in such a way that it’s a challenge to see what is really possible. Essential oils we have a conduit to our soul. 


When we use an essential oil, we draw in the medicine, the intelligence and the frequency of that plant which moves down through us and connects us into the healing powers of nature.

They change us at every level whether we feel it in that moment or not. The possibility for transformation is beyond what our mind is able to imagine.

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The Essential Oils I Choose

I only work with one brand of essential oil.


Why? because I smell, feel and experience the difference in myself, and I witness the difference for others.

Absolutely everything leading up to crafting an essential oil contributes to quality. Unfortunately in our world pure doesn’t necessarily mean natural, and I want you to ask yourself as you step out into the world of essential oils if you can knowingly and honestly answer yes to each of these questions under these four categories;

·      Growing conditions; Is it wild crafted? Grown in its supreme environment or area of origin from all around the world? The best quality botanical to produce the highest quality oils? Allowed to fully mature before harvest? Cultivated without pesticides?

·      Distillation; Are they crafted by experienced distillers? With the correct temperatures? With the finest equipment? With the optimum duration?

·      Ethics; Is the company giving back to the people? Paying the workers fair income? Are they supporting the environment the plants are grown in? Are they using their abundance and influence that support change at revolutionary heights?

·      The final product; Are your oils pure and completely free of synthetic compounds? Are your oils tested for purity and potency by expert scientists within the company and by an outside force? Are your oils sent back to the creators if they don’t meet the exceptional standard that the company command for you?


I represent dōTERRA because I can say yes to every single one of these points.

These oils impact many people in the creation process. They support every single person that stretches out between the moment that seed is planted to when you inhale it for the very first time from the bottle.

How can I be sure? Because I have travelled the world and been witnessed many of these practices. I have been in the experience of planting and also harvesting plants for our oils. 
I have many times listened to growers and distillers telling their stories of how dōTERRA is changing lives in their communities, and how committed they are to purity and potency. I have witnessed countless video footage of our founding members with the communities who share their gratitude for the clean water wells, schools and medical centres that dōTERRA has built for them, and I have many times heard the founders of our company share, with tears, the stories of their own experiences.

I can be sure because every single time I hold one of our essential oils in my hand I experience into the core of my being how truly sacred they are.

I invite you to be part of this too.

To create a culture of holistic health, or to take that a step further.

With dōTERRA not only is there an opportunity to experience the transformation in your own home, there is also an opportunity to share those experiences with others.


Life Changing Decisions

You don’t just get essential oils, you receive oh so much more!

  • Personal support with myself, Mikalena; What does that look like? 2 x 45 minute lifestyle mentoring sessions and ongoing online support.

  • Community; What does that look like? you will get access to our exclusive online community, and in addition there will be the potential for live events and trainings you can attend.

  • Access to my personally written essential oil education program

  • Email updates with inspiration, news and support

  • Our ever-expanding list of team resources

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One decision has the power to change your entire life. Is this one of them?

There is an unlimited number of choices around how to get started on your dōTERRA journey, and my intention is for you to start with what will serve your greatest needs and begin your journey to freedom.
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I started walking towards that truth and I never looked back”

Brooke Hampton

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