Transformational Programs 

I am creating a series of programs for self-discovery, transformation and freedom.
Programs to guide you from fear to freedom, from wounds to wisdom, from suffering to strength.
There are multiple offerings in the process of creation so connect here often to discover what is available to you.


Creating Emotional Balance Course

FREE micro course launching September 2019.
More information coming soon!


Return To Power Course

Launching September 2019
More information coming soon!


Gateways Of Transformation

At this present time in this world many people are suffering. They are in pain because they feel disconnected from their truth and purpose, they feel frustrated from lack of clarity, they are dominated by unresolved emotions and fears, they feel their soul calling and don’t know what to do with that, and they sense dormant power within that they can’t access. Many people in this world are lost, detached their human and soul potential.

This is a program that will help you on your power path, the journey to remembering your truth and living through the light of your souls force. 

This journey consists of seven gateways. 7 powerful subjects that will help you move through fear into freedom, suffering into strength, wounds into wisdom. You will receive teachings, tools and practices that will guide you out of the shadow of fear so that you can rise into your light, not just within this journey but also beyond that into your life after you finish this program.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey of self-discovery or you are experienced in personal exploration and practice, this course will bring changes within if you are open and willing to do the work, not just watching, listening and reading to the content but working through the guidance, practices and reflections that are the foundation of change. 


The Course

Gateway One; The Foundation Of Transformation
This first chapter will provide you the foundational teachings, guidance and techniques that you will need to move through this course (and beyond) in the most powerful way possible.

Gateway Two; Survival To Strength
The center of your well-being, and core of harmony within is your nervous system. In this chapter we dive into the physical expression of fear and how to return to whole being balance.

Gateway Three; Energy
This chapter is about the source of all life in existence - Energy. These teachings will transform your understanding of life. You will begin to realise the way that your emotions and thoughts touch you at the deepest levels and the degree of power that you have to create change in your life.

Gateway Four; Emotion
This is the heart of our training - Emotions! You will learn to understand the emotional experience in a way you potentially never have before. These teachings will guide you through the meaning and purpose of emotions, how they effect us at all levels of being, and why destructive, painful and depeleting emotions often won't seem to disappear (even with the strongest intentions).

Gateway Five; The Mind
The mind is so often judged, resisted and feared yet in this chapter you will be guided to change the way you think and feel about your mind because we take a deep dive into all aspects; from the power of thought, to consciousness and into fear.

Gateway Six; Whole Body Healing
Your body is your physical temple which is intimately connected to every layer of your being, and it is a mirror for your thoughts, emotions and beliefs that you hold about yourself, and the world around you. In this module you'll be guided to look beyond the physical structure and into your body as energy, exploring how illness and dis-ease begins at the energetic level with loss of power.

Gateway Seven; The Chakra’s
What are the chakra's? like the nervous system which is the physical centre of our well-being, these are energy centers that are the energetic core of whole being balance and freedom. They are energy centers that govern our entire journey of life.  Although we visited the chakra's briefly in module four, we will be looking at them in much greater depth, exploring the 7 main chakra's through the emotional experiences, human lessons and physical organs that they are connected to.

Coming November 2019