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“All Healing Is Essentially A Release From Fear”

A Course In Miracles

My passion, my purpose, my life calling is to help the women of the world release the darkness of fear so that we can return to wholeness, to our power, and so we can live in freedom.

Fear creates suffering, fear limits us, fear prevents us living in our truth, fear holds us back from living into the full capacity our soul and human potential. It’s time to release it.

As a guide, teacher and mentor I help those called into their power path create the freedom, fulfilment and empowerment we each desire and deserve.


"The vibration of being who you are and doing what you love is magnetic. 
You will align everything you need in your life with that energy" 

Maryam Hasnaa

If something in you has been activated, if you have realised you want more, if you know you are ready to claim more, and can no longer tolerate the yearning for life that excites, fulfils and empowers you, this space is for you.


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Courses that take you on a journey into deep transformation and expansion.

Writings that inspire you into higher states of being.

Literature and wisdom that delivers guidance on your path to higher awareness, emotional recalibration and spiritual attunement.

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Holistic Health and Wellness

Essential oils are the most potent form of holistic support in this world. They support us through every layer of our being, to bringing us back into wholeness. They are effective, powerful and restorative because they support us at the source of imbalances, distress and dis-ease. Essential oils awaken us to new states of being and open us to the true experience of happiness, vitality and freedom. 

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Emotional Alchemy

Become an Emotional Alchemist - a woman who connects with her unlimited power and potential, who can transform her energy and emotions, who is magnetic to her deepest desires, who raises the frequency on every area of her life, and who experiences a revolution within herself, her relationships, her business and her experience of joy every single day.

 In the core of every woman there are dormant forces that are ready to awaken, there is a truth that is waiting to emerge and there is a yearning to live in the full potential of her spiritual force.
This is a power that begins to be activated from the moment we realise what we are truly capable of creating.